Here are some invaluable suggestions to you get you well prepared before the scheduled move.

  • Get the following materials handy before you start packing: different sizes of boxes, packing tape, wardrobe boxes, wrapping paper, zip lock and/or garbage bags, markers and scissors.
  • Packing well ahead of the move is strongly advisable.
  • Label each box/bag by room and item, this will help you tremendously with locating items easily as well as our movers to unload the items 
    in chosen by you place in your new home.
  • Wrap all your fragile items in bubble wrap or paper and place them tight in boxes.
  • Mark those boxes as FRAGILE.
  • Pack artwork separately, or let the movers wrap them in bubble wrap or specially prepared boxes.
  • Make sure that boxes are not excessively heavy.
  • Furniture that is too heavy or awkward to move in one piece, has to be disassembled, don’t forget to put all the bolts and nuts in a plastic bag and attach it to the furniture.
  • Roll carpets and secure them with tape.
  • Tape the bed frames together.
  • Any personal items such as important documents, jewellery, money should be taken separately.
  • Put all hazardous materials (aerosols, bleach, paint etc) in specially marked boxes.
moving tips